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About us

About us

THQ Kamoke Hospital offers the full spectrum of care for every need, in a variety of settings and through community partnerships. From primary care to urgent care and  also in emergency care , THQ Kamoke Hospital ensure that community members receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

THQ Kamoke Hospital is a 60-bed comprehensive center for health care. As one of the largest medical centers in the Tehsil Kamoke, THQ Kamoke offers a complete range of health care services for every age group.We have approximately 7000 inpatient admissions each year .


Our Doctors

The THQ Hospital Kamoke facilitate the patients to choose a health specialist from top surgeons and other Medical Specialists and doctors. Our primary goal as health care providers is to put our patients first through teamwork, clinical excellence, and compassionate care. That begins with helping you find the right specialist to lead you on you...